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All BorgWarner models and OEM parts

BorgWarner 3LD D0NN6K682A BorgWarner K04 077145704K BorgWarner KP35 71724702
BorgWarner 3LDA D3NN6K682A/AK/BA BorgWarner K04 078145704M BorgWarner KP35 73501343
BorgWarner 3LM 6N7924 BorgWarner K04 12598713 BorgWarner KP35 7701467891
BorgWarner 4LE 4N9554/8S9237 BorgWarner K04 30757112 BorgWarner KP35 7701473673
BorgWarner B03 4575479 BorgWarner K04 55559848 BorgWarner KP35 7701476880
BorgWarner B03 4579845 BorgWarner K04 55559850 BorgWarner KP35 7701478939
BorgWarner B03 7588995 BorgWarner K04 6G9N6K682AA BorgWarner KP35 8200578317
BorgWarner B03G 07K145701C BorgWarner K04 90423508 BorgWarner KP35 8200578337
BorgWarner B1 04501552 BorgWarner K04 914F6K682AF BorgWarner KP35 8200578338
BorgWarner B1G 04297800 BorgWarner K04 914F6K682AG BorgWarner KP35 8200882916
BorgWarner B2 2674A256 BorgWarner K04 954F6K682AD BorgWarner KP35 8200889694
BorgWarner B2 2674A608 BorgWarner K04 974F6K682AG BorgWarner KP35 93177409
BorgWarner B2G 04907382 BorgWarner K04 984F6K682AG BorgWarner KP35 93191833
BorgWarner B2G 04910543 BorgWarner K04 Unknown BorgWarner KP35 93191993
BorgWarner B2G 21265661 BorgWarner K04 VNT 282004X900 BorgWarner KP35 9648759980
BorgWarner B3 1830547 BorgWarner K14 068145703H BorgWarner KP35 9661557480
BorgWarner B3 1830548 BorgWarner K14 074145701A BorgWarner KP39 144110001R
BorgWarner B3G 04265279 BorgWarner K14 074145701C BorgWarner KP39 55225012
BorgWarner B3G 1830547 BorgWarner K14 074145701J BorgWarner KP39 779457101
BorgWarner B3G 1897534 BorgWarner K14 130182110732 BorgWarner KP39 7811404
BorgWarner BV30 55233062 BorgWarner K14 1463015080 BorgWarner KP39 7811405
BorgWarner BV35 55216672 BorgWarner K14 500314776 BorgWarner KP39 BM5G6K682DD
BorgWarner BV35 93184183 BorgWarner K14 9625820280 BorgWarner KP39 CJ5G6K682DA
BorgWarner BV35 VNT 55198317 BorgWarner K16 07C145061AD BorgWarner KP39 VNT 038253019P
BorgWarner BV35 VNT 55221409 BorgWarner K16 07C145061AH BorgWarner KP39 VNT 038253056F
BorgWarner BV35 VNT 55225439 BorgWarner K16 07K145701B BorgWarner R2S 03L145715G
BorgWarner BV35 VNT 8506724 BorgWarner K16 35242015A BorgWarner R2S 03L145715J
BorgWarner BV35 VNT 93184183 BorgWarner K16 35242041F BorgWarner R2S 03L145715L
BorgWarner BV39 038253056L BorgWarner K16 51-09100-7517 BorgWarner R2S 03L145715M
BorgWarner BV39 038253056M BorgWarner K16 51-09100-7614 BorgWarner R2S 03L145873
BorgWarner BV39 03G253010E BorgWarner K16 7G9N6K682AE BorgWarner R2S 51.09100-7956
BorgWarner BV39 03G253014D BorgWarner K16 9000960199 BorgWarner R2S 51.09100-7957
BorgWarner BV39 03G253014M BorgWarner K16 9000960799 BorgWarner R2S 51.09100-7960
BorgWarner BV39 03G253014T BorgWarner K16 9000962299 BorgWarner R2S 51.09101-7014
BorgWarner BV39 03G253016F BorgWarner K16 9040962399 BorgWarner R2S 51.09101-7015
BorgWarner BV39 03G253019K BorgWarner K16 9040962499 BorgWarner R2S 51.09101-7021
BorgWarner BV39 03L253016H BorgWarner K16 9040964299 BorgWarner R2S 51.09101-7022
BorgWarner BV39 03L253056D BorgWarner K16 9040964399 BorgWarner R2S 55215256
BorgWarner BV39 1441100Q1G BorgWarner K16 9040965299 BorgWarner R2S 55579038
BorgWarner BV39 144116289R BorgWarner K16 9040965399 BorgWarner R2S 6510904980
BorgWarner BV39 282302F300 BorgWarner K16 9040965599 BorgWarner R2S 779635502
BorgWarner BV39 2X0253019A BorgWarner K16 9040965699 BorgWarner R2S 7800607
BorgWarner BV39 6H4Q 6K682HG BorgWarner K16 9040965799 BorgWarner R2S 7802587
BorgWarner BV39 6H4Q6K682EF BorgWarner K16 9040967299 BorgWarner R2S 7807059
BorgWarner BV39 6H4Q6K682GH BorgWarner K16 9040967399 BorgWarner R2S - KP39 7802587
BorgWarner BV39 8200846770 BorgWarner K16 9040967499 BorgWarner R2S (KP39) A6460900280
BorgWarner BV39 8200905276 BorgWarner K16 9040967599 BorgWarner S100 04258199KZ
BorgWarner BV39 VNT 038253010 BorgWarner K16 9040969199 BorgWarner S100 04272460KZ
BorgWarner BV39 VNT 038253010B BorgWarner K16 9040969799 BorgWarner S100 04280665KZ
BorgWarner BV39 VNT 038253010H BorgWarner K16 9040969899 BorgWarner S100 836759238
BorgWarner BV39 VNT 038253010T BorgWarner K16 90423023 BorgWarner S100 836767448
BorgWarner BV39 VNT 038253014 BorgWarner K16 9240960799 BorgWarner S100G 836759574
BorgWarner BV39 VNT 038253014A BorgWarner K16 99312301352 BorgWarner S100G 836759863
BorgWarner BV39 VNT 038253014B BorgWarner K16 99612301475 BorgWarner S100G 836766070
BorgWarner BV39 VNT 038253014C BorgWarner K16 9M5N6K682AA BorgWarner S100G 836766666
BorgWarner BV39 VNT 038253014D BorgWarner K24 12272277 BorgWarner S100G 836767767
BorgWarner BV39 VNT 038253014F BorgWarner K24 12272278 BorgWarner S1A 04176561KZ
BorgWarner BV39 VNT 038253014G BorgWarner K24 30713137 BorgWarner S1B 04174901KZ
BorgWarner BV39 VNT 038253014H BorgWarner K24 30757114 BorgWarner S1B 04198477KZ
BorgWarner BV39 VNT 038253014R BorgWarner K24 35242071F BorgWarner S1B 04198542KZ
BorgWarner BV39 VNT 038253014V BorgWarner K24 3640962299 BorgWarner S1B 042072464KZ
BorgWarner BV39 VNT 038253056E BorgWarner K24 3640963299 BorgWarner S1B 12273001KZ
BorgWarner BV39 VNT 03G253014C BorgWarner K24 9240962099 BorgWarner S1B 3524 2033F/G
BorgWarner BV39 VNT 03G253014M BorgWarner K24 99312301485 BorgWarner S1B 3640964199
BorgWarner BV39 VNT 03G253016E BorgWarner K24 99446021 BorgWarner S1B 836747517
BorgWarner BV39 VNT 03G253019J BorgWarner K24 99612398471 BorgWarner S1B RE515868
BorgWarner BV39 VNT 045253019A BorgWarner K26 04259722KZ BorgWarner S1BG 3524 2089G
BorgWarner BV39 VNT 045253019J BorgWarner K26 12152917 BorgWarner S1BG 35242099F
BorgWarner BV39 VNT 7701475135 BorgWarner K26 35242011B BorgWarner S1BG 3640964099
BorgWarner BV39 VNT 7701476183 BorgWarner K26 3581012 BorgWarner S1BG 836752986
BorgWarner BV39 VNT 7701476883 BorgWarner K26 3581528 BorgWarner S200 04258659KZ
BorgWarner BV39 VNT 8200578315 BorgWarner K26 3583006 BorgWarner S200 04259313KZ
BorgWarner BV39 VNT 8200625683 BorgWarner K26 4152326 BorgWarner S200 04283323KZ
BorgWarner BV40 03L253056F BorgWarner K26 51-09100-7322 BorgWarner S200 04290819
BorgWarner BV40 03L253056G BorgWarner K26 51-09100-7356 BorgWarner S200 04905205
BorgWarner BV40 03L253056T BorgWarner K26 51-09100-7373 BorgWarner S200 3827041
BorgWarner BV40 VNT 03L253056G BorgWarner K26 51-09100-7390 BorgWarner S200 3828664
BorgWarner BV43 03G145702H BorgWarner K26 51-09100-7690/7689 BorgWarner S200 5010258518D
BorgWarner BV43 03L145701D BorgWarner K26 8018872 BorgWarner S200 5010339462B
BorgWarner BV43 03L145701E BorgWarner K26 838697 BorgWarner S200 5010450477
BorgWarner BV43 03L253056A BorgWarner K26 860352R BorgWarner S200 836866583
BorgWarner BV43 03L253056C BorgWarner K26 861260 BorgWarner S200 836866584
BorgWarner BV43 282004A470 BorgWarner K26 95112313103 BorgWarner S200 836867731
BorgWarner BV43 6400902480 BorgWarner K26 H934F6K682AA BorgWarner S200 9060961199
BorgWarner BV43 6400902780 BorgWarner K27 0050969399 BorgWarner S200G 04259204KZ
BorgWarner BV43 A6400901580 BorgWarner K27 0060963799 BorgWarner S200G 04259318KZ
BorgWarner BV43 A6400901680 BorgWarner K27 0090968899 BorgWarner S200G 04285322
BorgWarner BV43 VNT 282004A421 BorgWarner K27 10218746 BorgWarner S200G 04290808
BorgWarner BV45 144115X01A BorgWarner K27 10228268 BorgWarner S200G 04293053
BorgWarner BV50 282004X910 BorgWarner K27 20768576 BorgWarner S200G 04294368
BorgWarner BV50 4H2Q6K682DC BorgWarner K27 20768578 BorgWarner S200G 04503616
BorgWarner BV50 552000560 BorgWarner K27 3660960899 BorgWarner S200G 04900118KZ
BorgWarner BV50 55204598 BorgWarner K27 3660964999 BorgWarner S200G 04904290
BorgWarner BV50 55233062 BorgWarner K27 3660965299 BorgWarner S200G 04905207
BorgWarner BV50 9A112301474 BorgWarner K27 3660965599 BorgWarner S200G 04906180
BorgWarner BV50 VNT 059145715E BorgWarner K27 3660966999 BorgWarner S200G 04906181
BorgWarner BV50 VNT 059145715F BorgWarner K27 4846402 BorgWarner S200G 20917417
BorgWarner BV50 VNT 55204598 BorgWarner K27 500305014 BorgWarner S200G 20997704
BorgWarner BV50 VNT 8973530342 BorgWarner K27 504042523 BorgWarner S200G 5010450019
BorgWarner BV50 VNT 99712301376 BorgWarner K27 51-09100-7402 BorgWarner S200G 5010450961
BorgWarner BV50 VNT 99712307773 BorgWarner K27 51-09100-7403 BorgWarner S200G 836773011
BorgWarner BV50 VNT 9A112301471 BorgWarner K27 51-09100-7407 BorgWarner S200G 85000673
BorgWarner K03 028145701J BorgWarner K27 51-09100-7415 BorgWarner S200S069 RE518519
BorgWarner K03 028145701R BorgWarner K27 51-09100-7546 BorgWarner S200W 3524 2109F
BorgWarner K03 028253019 BorgWarner K27 51-09100-7651 BorgWarner S2A 04197169KZ
BorgWarner K03 0375C8 BorgWarner K27 51-09100-7728 BorgWarner S2A 04198272KZ
BorgWarner K03 0375N7 BorgWarner K27 51-09100-7931 BorgWarner S2A 04204169KZ
BorgWarner K03 038145701D BorgWarner K27 5700157 BorgWarner S2A 04204832KZ
BorgWarner K03 03C145702P BorgWarner K27 5700180 BorgWarner S2A 04207243KZ
BorgWarner K03 058145703C BorgWarner K27 5700240 BorgWarner S2A 04253874KZ
BorgWarner K03 058145703J BorgWarner K27 5700243 BorgWarner S2A 04256820KZ
BorgWarner K03 058145703K BorgWarner K27 605292000049 BorgWarner S2A 04283324KZ
BorgWarner K03 058145703L BorgWarner K27 8192481 BorgWarner S2A 20412317
BorgWarner K03 06A145703C BorgWarner K27 8192482 BorgWarner S2A 3640963099
BorgWarner K03 06A145704 BorgWarner K27 848275 BorgWarner S2A 3828405
BorgWarner K03 06A145704B BorgWarner K27 85000599/ 20768578 BorgWarner S2A 864301
BorgWarner K03 06A145704L BorgWarner K27 865428 BorgWarner S2A 953352
BorgWarner K03 06A145713B BorgWarner K27 87802482 BorgWarner S2A 96K492
BorgWarner K03 06A145713D BorgWarner K27 9020960999 BorgWarner S2A K207513
BorgWarner K03 06A145713E BorgWarner K27 9020961099 BorgWarner S2A RE503722
BorgWarner K03 06A145713F BorgWarner K27 9060961599 BorgWarner S2A RE508971
BorgWarner K03 06A145713H BorgWarner K27 9060962799 BorgWarner S2A RE50927
BorgWarner K03 06A145713J BorgWarner K27 9060963899 BorgWarner S2B 04202971KZ
BorgWarner K03 06A145713M BorgWarner K27 9060964199 BorgWarner S2B 04207862KZ
BorgWarner K03 06B145703B BorgWarner K27 9060964699 BorgWarner S2B 04223062KZ
BorgWarner K03 06D145701J BorgWarner K27 9060965399 BorgWarner S2B 04223181KZ
BorgWarner K03 06F145701G BorgWarner K27 9060966299 BorgWarner S2B 04224142KZ
BorgWarner K03 06F145701H BorgWarner K27 9060966799 BorgWarner S2B 04232260KZ
BorgWarner K03 06H145701L BorgWarner K27 9060968999 BorgWarner S2B 04233029KZ
BorgWarner K03 06J145701L BorgWarner K27 9060969099 BorgWarner S2B 04233031KZ
BorgWarner K03 06J145701R BorgWarner K27 9060969199 BorgWarner S2B 1097344
BorgWarner K03 078145704L BorgWarner K27 9060969399 BorgWarner S2B 2674A162/3
BorgWarner K03 078145704S BorgWarner K27 9260964299 BorgWarner S2B 3660966199
BorgWarner K03 078145704T BorgWarner K27 9260964499 BorgWarner S2B 5700155
BorgWarner K03 282004A480 BorgWarner K27 93012301303 BorgWarner S2B 612.60.11.0200
BorgWarner K03 500335369 BorgWarner K27 93012301305 BorgWarner S2B 836340375
BorgWarner K03 500358190 BorgWarner K27 99446017 BorgWarner S2B 836359451
BorgWarner K03 500364493 BorgWarner K27 99446018 BorgWarner S2B 836846365
BorgWarner K03 504014911 BorgWarner K27 Unavailable BorgWarner S2BCG 5010438521
BorgWarner K03 504016280 BorgWarner K28 0040967099 BorgWarner S2BG 04259288KZ
BorgWarner K03 504070186 BorgWarner K29 15145018 BorgWarner S2BW 16060450L
BorgWarner K03 504136783 BorgWarner K29 20738765 BorgWarner S2C 5000694050
BorgWarner K03 504136785 BorgWarner K29 20928140/85000678 BorgWarner S2E 100-5865
BorgWarner K03 504136797 BorgWarner K29 51-09100-7538 BorgWarner S300 04226496KZ
BorgWarner K03 504154738 BorgWarner K29 51-09100-7629 BorgWarner S300 04261802KZ
BorgWarner K03 504154739 BorgWarner K29 51-09100-7684 BorgWarner S300 5001857085
BorgWarner K03 55224275 BorgWarner K29 51-09100-7750 BorgWarner S300 5010330234
BorgWarner K03 55355617 BorgWarner K29 51-09100-7761 BorgWarner S300 5010330235B
BorgWarner K03 756542401 BorgWarner K29 51-09100-7808 BorgWarner S300 5010330291
BorgWarner K03 7575653 BorgWarner K29 51-09100-7910 BorgWarner S300 5010359676
BorgWarner K03 7595678 BorgWarner K29 51-09100-7923 BorgWarner S300 5010550796
BorgWarner K03 7649495 BorgWarner K29 51-09100-7924 BorgWarner S300CG 51-09100-7859
BorgWarner K03 7700115414 BorgWarner K29 51-09100-7925 BorgWarner S3A 1114892
BorgWarner K03 7701471634 BorgWarner K29 51-09100-7926 BorgWarner S3A 51-09100-7292
BorgWarner K03 8200036999 BorgWarner K29 5700330 BorgWarner S3A 51-09100-7293
BorgWarner K03 8200084399 BorgWarner K29 61319900 BorgWarner S3A 51-09100-7329
BorgWarner K03 8200107826 BorgWarner K29 85000678 BorgWarner S3A 51-09100-7427
BorgWarner K03 8200122302 BorgWarner K31 0050963599 BorgWarner S3B 3826904
BorgWarner K03 8200715889 BorgWarner K31 0090961699 BorgWarner S3B 51-09100-7379
BorgWarner K03 95VW6K682AB BorgWarner K31 0100961799 BorgWarner S3B 51-09100-7547
BorgWarner K03 9622526980 BorgWarner K31 1779165 BorgWarner S3B 866144
BorgWarner K03 9632406680 BorgWarner K31 3828229 BorgWarner S400 0060967399
BorgWarner K03 9632427880 BorgWarner K31 3836605 BorgWarner S400 0070961299
BorgWarner K03 9635220680 BorgWarner K31 3837691 BorgWarner S400 0070964699
BorgWarner K03 9636473280 BorgWarner K31 51-09100-7463 BorgWarner S400 0090962699
BorgWarner K03 9640168280 BorgWarner K31 51-09100-7516/7487 BorgWarner S400 0090965299
BorgWarner K03 9640355080 BorgWarner K31 51-09100-7525 BorgWarner S400 0090965999
BorgWarner K03 9643350480 BorgWarner K31 51-09100-7599 BorgWarner S400 04226650KZ
BorgWarner K03 9807682180 BorgWarner K31 51-09100-7658/7627 BorgWarner S400 04263504KZ
BorgWarner K03 99462607 BorgWarner K31 51-09100-7764/5 BorgWarner S400 1338274
BorgWarner K03 A2660900380 BorgWarner K31 51-09100-7767 BorgWarner S400 1443190/91
BorgWarner K03 A6010960299 BorgWarner K31 51-09100-7769 BorgWarner S400 20459353
BorgWarner K03 A6010960399 BorgWarner K31 51-09100-7821 BorgWarner S400 3826347
BorgWarner K03 A6680960399 BorgWarner K31 51-09100-7831/3 BorgWarner S400 425777
BorgWarner K03 A6680960499 BorgWarner K33 1239197 BorgWarner S400 5010284577A
BorgWarner K03 AG9N6K682AM BorgWarner K33 1642314 BorgWarner S400 5010437396
BorgWarner K03 BG9E6K682AF BorgWarner K33 51-09100-7857 BorgWarner S400 5010437727
BorgWarner K03 V755569880-04 BorgWarner K36 51-09100-7869 BorgWarner S400 5010477293
BorgWarner K03 V758078980-01 BorgWarner K361 292152 BorgWarner S400 5010477319
BorgWarner K03 V760088280-01 BorgWarner K361 663516 BorgWarner S400S 5010437327
BorgWarner K03 V760088380-01 BorgWarner KP31 6600901280 BorgWarner S410 0090960599
BorgWarner K03 ZY34027010 BorgWarner KP31 6600960199 BorgWarner S410 0090966599
BorgWarner K03 ZY34027308 BorgWarner KP35 0375G9 BorgWarner S410 0090969999
BorgWarner K03 VNT 99462607 BorgWarner KP35 13900-84E50 BorgWarner S410G 0090961199
BorgWarner K03 VNT AG9N6K682AM BorgWarner KP35 1441100QAR BorgWarner S410G 0090963399
BorgWarner K04 04299178 BorgWarner KP35 1441100QAS BorgWarner S410G 0090969299
BorgWarner K04 04299990 BorgWarner KP35 2S6Q6K682AD BorgWarner S4D 7C7579
BorgWarner K04 06A145704M BorgWarner KP35 55202638 BorgWarner S4D 7C7691
BorgWarner K04 06A145704P BorgWarner KP35 71724552 BorgWarner S4T 3825073
BorgWarner K04 06A145704Q BorgWarner KP35 71724553 BorgWarner S4T SE652BF
BorgWarner K04 06F145702C BorgWarner KP35 71724701 BorgWarner S500 3837221
BorgWarner K04 070145701E

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