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Replacement turbos by IHI

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Replacement Turbochargers

All IHI models and OEM parts

IHI RHB31 12918918010 IHI RHE62W 11977318010 IHI RHF4V RF7J13700D
IHI RHB31 12940318050 IHI RHE62W 11977518010 IHI RHF4V VNT RF5C13700
IHI RHB31GW 12957918000 IHI RHE7 1-14400-334-0 IHI RHF5 12391218011
IHI RHB4 8971146390 IHI RHF3 1720097216 IHI RHF5 14411AA321
IHI RHB4H 8971146390 IHI RHF3 46556011 IHI RHF5 14411AA373
IHI RHB5 12969318001 IHI RHF3 55212916 IHI RHF5 14411AA542
IHI RHB5 35242061F IHI RHF3 55212917 IHI RHF5 1WL84137
IHI RHB5 35242095F IHI RHF3 55222014 IHI RHF5 282004X300
IHI RHB5 35242114F IHI RHF3 55222015 IHI RHF5 46550485
IHI RHB5 46432131 IHI RHF3 A6390900980 IHI RHF5 55181245
IHI RHB5 840962 IHI RHF3 A6390960880 IHI RHF5 55218934
IHI RHB5 8970385180 IHI RHF3 RF2B13700 IHI RHF5 8971228842
IHI RHB5 8971480762 IHI RHF3H 46556011 IHI RHF5 897185452
IHI RHB51 35242061F IHI RHF3V 0375J9 IHI RHF5 8972503642
IHI RHB51 35242068G IHI RHF4 135756180 IHI RHF5 8972572000
IHI RHB52 12947318000 IHI RHF4 144118H800 IHI RHF5 8973125140
IHI RHB52 12947418001 IHI RHF4 14411MB40C IHI RHF5 8973295881
IHI RHB52 12949718000 IHI RHF4 14411VK500 IHI RHF5 8973544234
IHI RHB52 12957318000 IHI RHF4 1515A029 IHI RHF5 8980198930
IHI RHB52 1720187306 IHI RHF4 172010R041 IHI RHF5 94812301556
IHI RHB52 176B6000 IHI RHF4 17201-0R041 IHI RHF5 Unknown
IHI RHB52 A100E6127H IHI RHF4 1720127010 IHI RHF5 XN349G348AB
IHI RHB52G 46460750 IHI RHF4 35242093F IHI RHF55 14411AA440
IHI RHB6 8-94418-320-0 IHI RHF4 35242096F IHI RHF55 14411AA700
IHI RHB7 1-14400-107-0 IHI RHF4 35242103F IHI RHF55 8973628390
IHI RHC6 111917518031 IHI RHF4 71783881 IHI RHF55 8980302170
IHI RHC61W 11917118010 IHI RHF4 9639563080 IHI RHFV5 172010R021
IHI RHC61W 11919518030 IHI RHF4 A6110960599 IHI RHFV5 Unknown
IHI RHC62 1-14400-272-0 IHI RHF4 A6400901380 IHI RHG6 1-14400-377-0
IHI RHC7 1-14400-210-0 IHI RHF4 A6460960199 IHI RHG6 1-14400-389-0
IHI RHC7 1-14400-314-0 IHI RHF4 A6460960299 IHI RHG6 1-14400-390-0
IHI RHC7A 241001440 IHI RHF4 A6640960299 IHI RHG8 S1760E0102
IHI RHC7W 11959318022 IHI RHF4H 1720127050 IHI RHV4 3M359G438AC
IHI RHC92 1-14400-383-0 IHI RHF4H 1720127060 IHI RHV4 8981023712
IHI RHC93 1-14400-384-0 IHI RHF4V 0375H2 IHI RHV4 R2AC13700D
IHI RHE6 1-14400-335-0 IHI RHF4V 1720126020 IHI RHV5 1515A026
IHI RHE61 1-14400-332-0 IHI RHF4V A6460901380 IHI RHV5S Unavailable
IHI RHE61 1-14400-348-0 IHI RHF4V A6460960199 IHI Unknown 6460901780

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Full technical support

Every turbo comes with free telephone and email support, including pre-sales advice to help you make the right choice.

It’s all included

We provide a FREE FitKit, including oil filled pre-priming injector for safer first start-up.

Check before you fit

Our FREE vehicle-specific alerts have expert advice to help you save time and avoid potential warranty claims.

Best price, best quality

Every turbo is 100% Original Equipment — exactly the same as you’d get from a franchised dealer, at a more attractive price.

No quibble warranty

All replacement turbos supplied for diesel commercial vehicles are covered by our ‘No Quibble Warranty’ for 12 months from POS.

Next day delivery

UK’s largest stocks of turbos from all major manufacturers, for next day delivery.

Telephone: + 44 (0) 1174 288107
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