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How to identify a turbo

Correctly identifying the turbo means you'll get the right replacement first time, saving you time, money and hassle. Look for the label or nameplate on the turbo's outer casing.

Turbo ID is missing or unreadable

If the turbocharger name plate is missing or difficult to read, please obtain the following information to help us determine the correct turbocharger for the application.

  • Application Engine
  • Make and Size
  • Year of Registration
  • Any additional information which could be relevant

Though the information may vary, it should tell you one of the following:

  • Turbo model or type number
  • Turbo manufacturer’s part number or assembly number
  • Vehicle manufacturer’s part number
This information is required to correctly identify the turbocharger you require.
O.E.M Garrett Holset M.H.I KKK Schwitzer I.H.I

Turbo Type,
this links the turbo to size and family.

GT15 HIC TD04 K03 S2A RHB3
T2, T3 H2D TE05 K04 S3B RHF5B
T04B HX50 TD08 K16 S4T RHC7

Part Number
this defines a turbo exactly.

454086-1 3522778 49177-02501 5303-970-0003 311041 VQ22
465318-3 3525994 49189-01200 5314-970-7001 311758 VI95

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